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Our Training Courses


Our experts have a wealth of experience that they are eager to share with professionals at each stage of their careers. We can provide the education and assistance you need whether you are looking for one-on-one mentoring, classroom-based tuition about specific telco functions, or online self-service risk awareness courses for employees across your business.

Look below for some examples of the established training courses we have delivered to many satisfied customers. Or get in touch to discuss your requirements so we can develop the tailored education program that will propel your team to the next level.

Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced Courses for Revenue Assurance Teams

We have an unmatched reputation for delivering RA training to communications providers, not least because our experts created the industry's most widely-used RA Maturity Model. Trust our tutors to give new insights to your staff, whether they are new recruits or senior managers striving for perfection.

Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced Courses for Fraud Management Teams

All the threats posed by criminals will be explained by the people who compiled the communications industry's most complete inventory of frauds. Then learn how to use a blend of data, technology and investigation techniques to detect and prevent those frauds.

Personal Mentoring for Business Leaders

As your career progresses you will inevitably reach a stage where you cannot know the detail of every risk but you still need to provide eloquent explanations and summaries to executives and members of the board. Let us help you with one-on-one coaching from experts who know what that is like.

Fraud and Security Awareness for All Employees

Anyone working for a communications provider may be subject to social engineering, phishing and other tactics used by criminals to compromise your data and systems. Sharpen the awareness of every employee with online training they absorb at their desk and which then tests what they have learned.

Revenue Assurance Training for Non-RA Staff

A typical RA team spends their time resolving leakages caused by faults in billing systems, networks or even mistakes made when drafting contracts. Let us help you to proactively reduce leakage errors across the business with training for the departments that are the focus of most assurance work.

Specialist Training for Niche Activities

Are you unsure how to obtain police reports needed for interconnect disputes? Do you struggle with demonstrating the accuracy of bills to your regulator? Trust Symmetry to discreetly transfer the knowledge needed to tackle the unique problems faced by communications providers.


Tell us about your training needs

We know everyone has different educational requirements. Allow us to translate our experience and our wealth of training materials into the ideal learning program for you and your colleagues.