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PRO: Personal Tariff Advice

Our Personalised Recommendation Offers (PRO) engine will review the usage history of your customers and advise them about service plans that suit their needs. The customer sees how you strive to deliver good value whilst you encourage the upsell of services by letting customers switch plans with a single click of a button.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Offer your customers personalised service plans that align to their needs, enhancing customer satisfaction and discouraging churn.

Reduce Bad Debt

Help customers to find tariffs they can afford whilst satisfying the expectations of regulators, especially with respect to vulnerable users.

Increase Revenues

Sell additional services or upgraded plans that customers may not otherwise consider.

PRO Solution Overview

  Scheduler: Manages the sequence for adding new data and performing new evaluations on behalf of customers. The schedule can incorporate interaction with various systems including those used for customer care, billing, contract management and the like. PRO can absorb data from third-party reference and master data products and can also be configured to receive such data from Symmetry TRAP.
  Data Engine: This is the core decision and rules engine which formulates a detailed understanding of each customer based upon their historic usage. This is used to then calculate how much they each would benefit from switching to alternative plans that are available to them.


  Integration: PRO can be connected to systems used for marketing or maintaining customer loyalty, such as self-service portals or campaign management systems. Integration means bespoke offers can be presented to each customer. This module can also be used to demonstrate adherence to regulations requiring customers be notified about the best available tariffs at the end of their contract. Two-way integration gives customers the option to change their plan via a single click instead of needing to speak to a customer service representative or navigate to the right part of the telco's website.

Reporting: Provides marketing teams and the rest of management with sophisticated analytics based on the choices presented to customers and the options they selected.

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