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PRISM: Fraud Prevention

The data gathered for the Premium Rate Intelligence Service and Monitoring (PRISM) database has protected telcos and other businesses from phone frauds since 2013. Companies around the world rely on PRISM because it is an unusually cost-effective way of identifying fraud attacks before they can occur.

Early Warning System

PRISM intelligence means you can identify the telltale phone calls which show criminals are preparing to launch a full-scale attack on your business.

Low Cost, High Return

Analysis we have provided to law enforcement agencies shows many multimillion-dollar frauds would have been prevented if the victims had been subscribers to PRISM.

Unrivalled Intelligence

We identify the phone numbers that generate most profit for fraudsters globally by continuously monitoring the shady businesses which facilitate fraud.

PRISM Solution Overview

  Database: The intelligence we gather about premium rate and high-value mobile roaming station numbers is constantly being updated. This involves continuously adding the new destinations prized by fraudsters whilst removing old destinations that fraudsters have stopped using because telcos have comprehensively blocked them.
  Scheduled Notifications: Users that prefer to manually update their anti-fraud systems receive regular communications that link them to the update files they need.


  Rest API: PRISM subscribers can download intelligence as they please through our REST API, giving them the potential to integrate PRISM with their fraud management system or other systems used to block calls.

Analysis: Our fraud experts also add value to our PRISM subscribers with news and analysis about the changes in the patterns of behaviour exhibited by fraudsters. This includes an annual review of how fraudsters have altered their techniques during the year, plus news flashes about new hot spots for fraud.

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