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Subscriber complaints are down, but we cannot be complacent...

The latest Ofcom Customer complaints figures were realised early this month (Aug 2020), the continued trend in a reduction in customer complaints and increased customer satisfaction continues.

But as complaints in the telecoms sector has seen a majority downward trend when we look back over the last ten years, we should not look to sit on our laurels. Over the last ten years the increase in competition, increased in dual, triple, quad, quint, etc., complementary service offerings, higher expectations from customers means that every telecom operator should remain alert and not get complacent.

As historically demonstrated land/fixedline and broadband are attracting the most complaints, with the worst offenders achieving 23 complaints in every 100,000 subscribers for broadband (Industry average 12) and 17 complaints for every 100,000 subscribers for landline services (industry average 8)

With issues particularly relating to billing, pricing and charges attributing to 18% of these complaints.

Overall, over 80% of customers said they are satisfied with their landline provider. Only 4% of home phone customers had a reason to complain.

85% of broadband customers said they are satisfied with their service. Twelve per cent of broadband customers said they had a reason to complain about their provider, in line with 2018 – although people were more likely to be happy with how their complaints were handled than they were in 2018 (up slightly from 53% from 49%).

But where is the mobile telecommunications industry when it comes to billing errors, tariff issues and over-charging?

Overall, more than 80% said they are satisfied with their mobile phone service, with only 3% of customers saying they had a reason to complain.

Vodafone, Three UK, BT Mobile and Virgin Mobile are all unfortunately pretty much level when it comes to the highest volume of pay-monthly mobile complaints with all of them achieving 5 complaints in every 100,000 subscribers, 2 above the industry average.

With 5 complaints in every 100,000, being the worst performers, the difference in the volume of complaints witnessed compared to those on the fixed and broadband services is significant.

The worst four offenders attributing issues relating to billing, pricing and charges ranging from 22 to 29% of the complaints.

Billing, Pricing, Charging and Tariff Issues are a consistent issue and source of compliant for subscribers with the worst reaching nearly a 1/3 of all complaints being around the topic of accurate billing.


Charts and information from Ofcom report and website


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