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IRSF Fraudsters Continue to Target Ukraine

It comes as no surprise that fraudsters are willing to abuse anybody, anywhere. The war in Ukraine prompted many telecoms operators to offer free or reduced international calls, which then led many fraudsters to cynically exploit their charity by pumping international traffic to Ukrainian numbers they controlled. The latest research from the PRISM fraud intelligence team indicates that this exploitation continues to this day. There are currently over 64,000 Ukrainian numbers advertised for use by fraudsters, a rise in the total compared to previous months.

We recommend that carriers maintain heightened monitoring of traffic to Ukrainian numbers. But at the same time, we discourage overly defensive blocking of traffic to Ukraine because of the potential negative impact on the country and its people. That is why we are freely giving telcos our intelligence on the Ukrainian numbers being sold to international revenue share fraudsters. If your business is not already receiving this data then contact us using the form below.

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