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Huge Surge in US Numbers Used for Fraud

Our PRISM global monitoring service has continuously identified phone numbers used to terminate fraudulent calls since 2013. This gives us a unique perspective on the changing patterns of international telecoms fraud. The most popular destinations for fraud vary from year to year, but nothing has shocked us like the sharp rise in US and Canadian numbers identified by our intelligence gathering since 2020. The following summary reveals the extent of the rise by comparing totals for 2022 with those in 2020 for the whole of the USA and Canada, as well as highlighting some of the worst states and provinces.

  • North America: 55,786% total increase
  • USA: 43,835% total increase
    • Alaska: 218,000% increase
    • California: 29,300% increase
    • Hawaii: 145,000% increase
    • South Dakota: 37,800% increase
  • Canada: 69,340% total increase
    • British Columbia: 119,600% increase
    • Ontario: 135,700% increase
    • Quebec: 90,100% increase

If you want to talk about the reasons for these increases and learn more about our PRISM data then please get in touch. You can use the form below to let us know about your interests.

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