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Five Reasons to Meet Symmetry at Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress returns to Barcelona from 27 February to 3 March and Symmetry Solutions CEO Bill Leahy will be one of the thousands of attendees. Bill has lots of news to share with customers and partners, especially regarding exciting new developments for our PRISM fraud intelligence service. These are just the top five reasons to speak with Bill at MWC.

1. Explosion in intelligence pointing towards SMS fraud

PRISM's intelligence gathering has always identified many phone numbers used by criminals for fraudulent voice calls because voice has always been the greatest source of telecoms revenue. However, our intelligence gathering shows there has been an enormous rise in numbers being offered for use with SMS fraud. We would like to compare our latest intelligence with the experience of telcos and other businesses vulnerable to SMS fraud by providing free trials of our latest SMS fraud database for a limited period.

2. Huge surge in North American phone numbers offered to fraudsters

Between 2020 and 2022 there has been an astonishing 55,786% increase in US and Canadian phone numbers put on sale via bulletin boards that cater to fraudsters. We are especially keen to talk to carriers that serve North America about the factors behind this meteoric rise.

3. New PRISM API simplifies use of our fraud intelligence

Many of our new insights stem from upgrades to the analytics surrounding our time-proven methods of gathering intelligence. We have also constructed a new API that makes it even easier for customers to integrate the continuous flow of new fraud intelligence with their fraud management system or call-blocking technology. Now is a good time for fraud technology vendors to talk to Symmetry about empowering their systems by incorporating a feed from PRISM as standard.

4. Attractive new partnership deals

If you sell anti-fraud systems then talk to us about becoming a reseller of our PRISM intelligence. Our simple standard approach means you can quickly add a new source of revenues to your portfolio whilst enhancing your current products. PRISM has proven to be popular with customers worldwide, but our biggest obstacle is the time and effort that must be expended on satisfying the requirements of the procurement teams that work for telcos, relative to the very affordable cost of a PRISM subscription. Working with partners who already supply anti-fraud systems to telcos leads to a win-win for both sides.

5. Number range intelligence from our good friends at Biaas

Symmetry recently concluded a new partnership agreement with Biaas, one of the leading providers of number range intelligence for communications providers. The use of Biaas' data about number allocation and the pricing of ranges helps telcos to improve billing integrity, avoid negative margins and prevent fraud. Biaas' intelligence is complimentary to Symmetry's intelligence, so it makes sense that both companies now offer packages that permit a customer to obtain the combination of their intelligence services through a single contract. Now is a good time for telcos to significantly upgrade their intelligence at a low price that will be paid back within just a few months.


It is an exciting time for everyone working at Symmetry and we are keen to share that excitement with customers and partners. To arrange a meeting with Bill at MWC Barcelona, please reach out using the contact form below.

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