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Anti-Corruption and Whistleblowing Advice


Corporations face more scrutiny than ever before. Bad choices made by employees can lead to substantial fines and lasting brand damage. Even when fraud seems to have an external cause it may be abetted by the collusion of insiders. Symmetry can help you navigate the minefield of compliance obligations and protect your company's reputation.

Our consultants can explain how to implement key anti-corruption controls like a secure whistleblowing hotline. We also have the sensitivity to appreciate the differences in culture between any two businesses in any two countries. Trust us to give discreet advice, whether you need direct assistance with an internal investigation or want to learn about international best practice.

Trust us for confidential advice

Symmetry can help you stop corruption from top to bottom. Whether you are looking for recommendations for the implementation of a new whistleblowing policy, or need somebody to investigate an internal fraud, you can call upon us.